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Jermaine Campbell is married with a supportive and loving wife plus five beautiful children. Jermaine believes in the power of helping people and with golden rule of treating people the way you want to be treated. He is driven to accomplish things for his family. He is a diligent worker and never quits until the task is accomplished. He enjoys working with people and relates very well them he always tries to bring out the best in them.


 Several months ago he became an Independent Associate of Pre-Paid Legal Services, because he stated that the services is very much needed by individuals and businesses. He said that Pre-Paid Legal Services provides an variety of services such as: 24/7 Access To a Law firm, Trial Defense Protection, Traffic Defense Protection, IRS Legal Services, Preventive Legal Services, & Identity Theft Full Protection. They can completely restore identity in all areas of theft, Financial, Driverís Licenses, Social Security Numbers, Medical Info, Character/Criminal Actions, & Financial which is the most commonly known.


Jermaine Campbell


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